Communities of Color United for Progress
Communities of Color United for Progress Legislative Day & Candidate Forum
will focus on legislative priorities impacting people of color around education,
economic development, and criminal justice, and present these priorities to
statewide political candidates. We are excited about this opportunity to unite as
communities of color to raise our collective concerns on core issues that aect us

Special thanks to TVW for covering the candidate forum for those who are not
able to attend in person. We thank you for participating in this civic discourse
to inuence policy decisions that aect our future, children, and families.

To learn more, please contact us at unitedforprogress.wordpress.com
or email pocunitedforprogress@gmail.com

Progreso: Latino Progress
Progreso’s mission is to ensure that Latino communities are fairly represented in
Washington State’s social, economic, and political systems to improve the
quality of life for all Washingtonians. Progreso believes that community-based
support, civic engagement, and advocacy are needed to ensure that the needs of
Latino communities are represented in decision-making at the state level.
Progreso strengthens Latino participation in the social, economic, and political
systems through:

Empowerment. Strengthening Latino leadership, civic engagement and
community leadership development.

Equity. Supporting the development of a common Latino-led policy advocacy

Justice. Advocating for systemic change towards equitable outcomes.


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